• final stable version vers. 2.1.2 BlueX where download


    Description: BlueX; 4301 KB; Multimedia Design; Video; DVDxDV

    ♦ BlueX 2.1.2

    BlueX lets you convert AVCHD, MTS, m2ts, and Unencrypted Blu-ray to Quicktime fast. Lossless conversion of AVCHD and Blu-ray to Quicktime with H.264 wrapping. Convert to ProRes or Apple Intermediate for iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Motion, or Premiere Pro. Convert only what you need using the expandable timeline and "in" and "out" points. Features: - MTS, m2ts, AVCHD, BDMV, Blu-ray - Ultra-fast lossless conversion with H.264 re-wrapping - Automatic Blu-ray and AVCHD loading from cameras or memory cards. - Quicktime-Pro quality codecs - Real-time preview and scrubbing with the expandable timeline. - Fast conversion using all available CPU cores.

    Updated version BlueX_vers.2.4.2_SBOjj.pkg {3483 kbytes}
    Sierra y9u3t5-bluex-ver-3.1.2.zip {3698 kbytes}


    MacOS YTXOZ.MISS.TERI.TALE:.VOTE.4.ME.VERSION.1.3.DMG [111360 kb] 1.2
    10.11.5 ver..5.230.Gourmet.Chef.Challenge.Igk.app [594739 kb] 3.250
    10.13.5 6QQ.vers.3.0.OfficeClock.tar.gz [265 kb] 1.4
    Best El Captan XUC_FIREEBOK_DUPLICATES_FINDER_V.2.0.0.PKG [3085 kb] 1.0.3
    Best iMac xTT5u-RemoteSight-1.0.7.zip [2314 kb] 1.3.3
    Best High Sierra ULTRALINGUA-FRENCH-ENGLISH-DICTIONARY-V.7.1.14-W9CGZY.DMG [11209 kb] 8.1.11

    [3741 kb] Free AhHi BlueX 4.1.2 2.1.5 Best! version
    [3913 kb] Update LlKV BlueX ver 2.1.5 2.4.2 Version Mac

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